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Siegfried and Roy
United States
Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Personal Quote: "Reach for your dreams, and they will reach for you."
Welcome, Friends! :) Welcome to the one and only DeviantArt-based fan club for Siegfried and Roy. We hope you enjoy your experience! :D


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Glad you asked. This special word is actually an acronym:

Siegfried And Roy - Masters Of The Impossible

Simple, yes? :)
However, to Siegfried and Roy themselves, the word SARMOTI means much more:
"...Since there is nothing simple about this remarkable pair, the meaning of the word is much more complex. Indeed, in one respect the word is imbued with magic and wonder. Those who have seen their spectacular stage show know "SARMOTI" is used as a magical incantation. A simple "abracadabra" or "alakazam" would never suffice.

But the semantics of the word cannot be captured in one definition. Indeed, the unique sound and character of SARMOTI also invokes the exotic majesty of the White Tigers and White Lions that are such an integral part of the world of Siegfried & Roy...

But, perhaps most remarkable of all, the meaning of SARMOTI is enriched by everyone who speaks it. One German fan, on her website, translates the word to mean "yearning," expressing the profound impact Siegfried & Roy's show had on her life. It can be a mantra, a lucky charm, or a secret wish. For Siegfried & Roy, it is the key that unlocked their wildest dreams."

(quote from the Siegfried and Roy website)

Why Make a Club About Siegfried and Roy?

To some, Siegfried and Roy are just two guys with an act in Las Vegas and a bunch of big white cats... but there's a lot about them to admire. This club is dedicated to them and everything about them, including but not limited to:

:bulletblue: Siegfried Fischbacher, as the magician mastermind
:bulletpurple: Roy Horn, as the animal caretaker and trainer
:bulletred: Lynette Chappell, the "Evil Queen" in their latest show - a fellow performer and close friend of the pair
:bulletgreen: The unique relationship that Siegfried and Roy share between themselves, their animals, and their fellow performers
:bulletblue: The fantastic magic shows they performed in Las Vegas and around the globe
:bulletpurple: The Las Vegas hotels they performed in - the Tropicana, the MGM Grand, and the Mirage
:bulletred: The Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy (at the Mirage)
:bulletgreen: The Royal White Tigers
:bulletblue: The White Lions of Timbavati
:bulletpurple: The other animals in their magic shows and the Secret Garden, including the Asian elephant Gildah
:bulletred: Their Las Vegas homes - the Jungle Palace and "Little Bavaria"
:bulletgreen: The contributions they make to the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa
:bulletblue: Their wildlife conservation efforts, including the "Save the White Tiger" program
:bulletpurple: Their German heritage and life stories

That's more than enough reasons, don't you think? :)

Can I Join?

Sure you can! :D All I ask is that you add the club icon to your journal, so we can get some publicity around here (this will change if we get enough members). It's easy...

:icon sarmoti-fan-club: :pointr: (remove the space) :pointr: :iconsarmoti-fan-club:

Just drop a note by sabertoothkitty and I will add you ASAP!
(note: you can send a note to the club as well, but I will get it sooner and add you more quickly if you send the note to my personal account)

Can I Send Stuff to the Club?

Of course! :D Just send me (sabertoothkitty) a note with the following info:
:pointr: The deviation title
:pointr: Mature Content? (yes / no)
:pointr: Your description
:pointr: Any keywords you want me to use (siegfried, roy, tiger, mirage, magic...)
:pointr: A link to the deviation
At the very least, I need the title, description, and link; keywords are optional. Once I have this information, I will go ahead and prepare to add it to the club gallery. :)
(note: once again, you can send a note to the club... but I will get it much faster and add it more quickly if you send it to my personal account)

Where Can I Find Out More About Siegfried and Roy?

Here are a few links specifically about them:
:bulletred: The Official Website
:bulletgreen: The Official Fanlisting
:bulletblue: The SARMOTI World International Fan Club (not my website)
:bulletpurple: The SARMOTI World International Fan Club (in German)
:bulletred: A Fan-Made Website (NOT MINE!)

Here are a few additional links related to them:
:bulletred: The Official Website of the Mirage
:bulletgreen: The White Tiger Exhibit (from the Mirage Website)
:bulletblue: The Secret Garden / Dolphin Habitat (from the Mirage website)
:bulletpurple: The College of Magic
:bulletred: The Save the Tiger Fund
:bulletgreen: The White Lions of Timbavati (from the Cincinnati Zoo website)

If someone finds anymore, let me know! Send me a note either here or through sabertoothkitty. :)


That's all for now. I hope we can get more members here soon. :)

In the meantime, sarmoti. :D

sabertoothkitty, Club Moderator

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can i be part of the club? i'm kinda new to this site so i have no idea what i'm doing
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